Teach our children tenets of a moral life

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 13, 2013 

I realize that all this should be taught in the home, but it is not getting done. Teach these "life rules" in all our schools. Hammer them into the heads of our kids.

  • You should not kill people. Life has high value. Life is to be preserved, not put in peril.

  • Do not bully or push people around even though you are much bigger and stronger. Protect the weak, help them and be fair to them. Treat others as you want to be treated.

  • Do not take what is not yours. Do not steal from others.

  • Do not make your decisions in life based on "what's in it for me?" You will always make the wrong decisions. Decide to do the right thing for society, and forget about your personal gain.

  • Do not ever lie. Telling lies will always get you into trouble. Do not lie at home, at work, at school or anywhere.

  • Honor your parents and do as they say. Learn from them. Show respect to people older than you.

  • Do not use dirty or vulgar language in public. Do not offend anyone around you by using language that is loud and distasteful.

  • Do not brag about yourself. Ever. Let your actions speak for you. This is true in everything you do -- work, school, sports, everything. Be humble. If you are "great," let someone else say it.

  • This all can be worded better than the above, but we should start teaching this morality in school. Make it important before we lose all the kids. This is not religion; it is common sense. There is no reason to keep these teachings out of our schools.

    Jack Bahm

    Hilton Head Island

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