Truly important news all too often gets buried

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 11, 2013 

We were taught that the front page of a newspaper should be restricted to current news, and the right-hand column of the front page should be restricted to the most important news of the day.

Editorial and political viewpoints should be restricted to the editorial page. That is why it is called an editorial page.

On Feb. 3, the Packet had as its front-page story in the right-hand column, "Experts: US debt 'crisis' not dire." Who are these experts? This is just a political statement spinning the Democratic Party line. This all too often is characteristic of the liberal press. The U.S. has a $16 trillion debt. The present administration suggests spending that would increase the debt to $20 trillion. This is beyond the ability of our economy to support.

The newspaper doesn't report on the front page that the debt is only being managed by an almost zero-interest economy pursued by the Federal Reserve. If interest rates increase to only 3 percent, the debt becomes unmanageable.

On page 17A was a different type of headline, "Baby boomers hit hardest by recession," and on page 13A, "Risky student debt is starting to sour." These two stories don't get front-page exposure, but these stories more accurately reflect the present U.S. economic condition.

Sidney Etkin


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