Recreation Results, Feb. 6

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Dataw Island

Results of Ladies Snowbird Open tournament held Feb. 2; Overall Net Winners: June Austin and Rita Laughnane; Stacey Zelten and Ellie White; Overall Gross Winners: Sue Zankowski and Kathy Shields; Flight 1 -- 1. (tie) Jane Burt and Sue Mannheim; Julie Gantz and Linda Muehl; Flight 2 -- 1. Karen Ahern and Pat Gratsch; 2. (tie) Ann Gibbs and Debbie Burke, Celeste Nalwasky and Jane Charbonnier; Flight 3 -- 1. (tie) Carol Baxter and Marcia Gesser; Carolyn Netherton and Dot Schaphorst; Flight 4 -- 1. Carol Morrissey and Pat Morris; 2. (tie) Jerlynn Greene and Mern Gouza; Joan Maus and Kathy Welborn; Bev Cox and Pat Lundgren; Closest To The Pin -- Rita Laughnane.

Results of Men's Snowbird Open tournament held Feb. 2; Overall Net Winners: Bob Peck and Pete Dickerson; Overall Gross Winners: Jim Guille and Mike Carakostas; Flight 1 -- 1. Dave Grady and Lou Body; 2. (tie) George Cheatham and Matt Longwell; Dave Muehl and Dennis Gesser; John Cashen and John Zankowski; Flight 2 -- 1. John Schafer and Mike Sullivan; 2. Ken Baker and Norm Nichols; Flight 3 -- 1. Drew Schrader and John Weaber; 2. Paul Bartley and Paul Mannheim; Flight 4 -- 1. Larry Scoville and Tink Campbell; 2. Al Marchioni and Fred Klotz; Closest To The Pin -- Dave Yoder.

Dolphin Head

Results of Men's Ace Day tournament held Feb. 1; Ace of the month gross: Jim Walsh; Ace of the month net: 1. Jim Walsh, 2. Mike Jenner, 3. (tie) Ron McCann, Brad Eckart.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of tournament held Jan. 29; 1. Louise Bellace, Barbara Grimes, Barb Hynes, Kay Flint; 2. Anita Jewell, Esther Costanzo, Leslie Dickler, Shirley Fleming.

Hidden Cypress

Results of Sun City 9 Hole Couples tournament held Jan. 25; Format: Alternate shots of couple; 1. Dick and Pat Kemph; 2. Dennis and Sally Kanipe; 3. Cliff George and Rita Novak; 4. Billy and Andrea DiRugeris; Low Putts: Dick and Mary Seib.

Moss Creek

Results of tournament held Jan. 31; Format: 1 of 3 better ball; 1. J. Crudden, J. Patnaude, B. Wilson; 2. B. Hill.

Results of Men's white tees tournament held Feb. 4; Format: Individual Low Net; 1. W. Richman, 2. J. Belinske; 3. (tie) L. Corson, J. Danneker, D. Kouns.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held Jan. 29; Format: Low Gross - Sandra Bowden and Kathy LaBonte; Birdies: Sandra Bowden, Deb Korthase, Cristy Anderson, Mary Ann Worley; Chip Ins: Deb Korthase, Laura Hrubi, Joyce West, Sandra Bowden, Mary Princing, Evie Richardson; Closest to the Pin: Kathy LaBonte, Mary Princing, Camille DeJeanne, Verlyn Beck.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held Jan. 26; Format: A&D + B&C; 1. Mike Danyi, Dick Timcoe, Michael Burnce (Blind Draw), Mike Kirkland; 2. Rich Johnson, Jeff Everett, John Klinger, Bob Wright; Low Net: Ed Varcho; Closest to the Pin: Wally Maxwell.

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held Feb. 2; Format: Points Game; 1. Jack Diver, Tod Powers, Wally Maxwell, Mike Kirkland; 2. Jerry Wells, Dave Bullett, Jeff Everett, Greg Vavoso; Low Net: Jeff Everett; Closest to the Pin: George Edell.

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held Jan. 29; Format: Best 2 of 4; 1. Bill Shipe, Dick Timcoe, Jim Schwarz, Paul Dofton; 2. Jeff Everett, Jay Parks, Ron Stovall, Bob Wright; Low Net: Bob Wright; Closest to the Pin: Mike Danyi.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held Feb. 4 at Eagle's Pointe; Format: 2 better ball of partners; Flight A -- 1. John Winnestaffer, Dwight Hunting; 2. Don Nontelle, Stuart Brown; Flight B -- 1. Rob Lyons, David Denton; 2. A.J. Ferrari, Ken Buckalew; Flight C -- 1. Jerry Coghlan, Ron Welpott; 2. Thomas Hyde. Jack Ide; Flight D -- 1. Bill Hastrich, Ron Cecil; 2. John Schafer, Robert Gibson; Flight E -- 1. Chuck Carte, Renny Hoyle; 2. Bill Fitzpatrick, Andy Onda; Flight F -- 1. Richard McCusker, Richard Smreczak; 2. Al Lefer, Bill Holmes; Flight G -- 1. George Beck, Al Marchioni; 2. Karl Siebers, Arnold Gellman; Closest to the Pin -- Mike O'Hagen, Jerry Coghlan, Stuart Brown, Thomas Hyde.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held Feb. 1; Format: Stableford; 1. Jeff McConnell, 2. Chet Rozof; Skins -- Jim Benford, Sonny Compher, Ian Gudgeon, Jeff McConnell, Bill O'Day, Chet Rozof, Bill Wood.

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