Recreation Results, Feb. 3

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Bear Creek

Results of Men's day held Jan. 30; Format: One Best; 1. Frank Dunne, Dan Putbrese, J.C. Fisher, Riachard Carlton; 2. Hugh Murphy, John Holihan, Tom Nordstrom.

Results of 9-hole ladies held Jan. 31; Format: Stableford; 1. Gladys Prol.

Results of 18-hole ladies held Jan. 31; Format: Nassau; Flight A -- Front Nine: Nancy Bowman, Back Nine: Ruth Ann Tyson, Eighteen: Judy Kay; Flight B -- Front Nine: Pam Ogilvy, Back Nine: Betsy Pehrson, Eighteen: Ann Carter.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held Jan. 30; Format: Chapman; Flight 1 -- 1. Ruth Larson, Anne Mellinger; 2. Chris Kohlhepp, Mary Georgopulis; Flight 2 -- 1. Joan Sambuchino, Marty Eidemiller; 2. Barbara Neely, Pat Crofton; Flight 3 -- 1. Charlene Barrett, Mary Jane Major; 2. Judie Butchko, Kitty Ferrari; Closest to the Pin -- Chris Kohlhepp, Ruth Larson.

Results of MGA tournament held Jan. 31; Format: 6-6-6; 1. Chris Bistany, Jim Walczy, Dean Hergert, Jim Davies; 2. Mark Henrichs, Jim Mack, Pat Russell, Joe McPartland; Closest to the Pin -- John Helmes, Dean Hergert.

Dolphin Head

Results of Nifty Niners tournament held Jan. 30; Format: 1 better ball of 3; 1. Marilyn Rego, Suzanne Sharon, Susan Silver.

Results of Ladies tournament held Jan. 30; Format: 2 better ball of 4; 1. (tie) Carolyn Cubley, Char Bradeen, Pat Carroll, Kay Bennett, Jo Friebely, Denise Drainville, Chris Flanagan, Char Bradeen; 3. Barbara Voight, Mary Thomas, Roz Von der Linden, Arline Levit.

Fripp Island

Results of the Women's Golf Association event Jan. 29; Format: Low Gross/Low Net; Flight 1 -- Low Gross: Bev Fineis; Low Net: Pat Howard; Flight 2 -- Low Gross: Sara Dashiell; Low Net: Rita Michals; Flight 3 -- Low Gross: Joyce Zanone; Low Net: Gen Lapolla; Flight 4 -- Low Gross: Wylene Martin; Low Net: Annelisa Bindra.

Results of the first month of the women's "Par 6" organization event; 1. Oldfield/Rose Hill 21 points, 2. Fripp Island 18 points, 3. Dataw Island 18 points, 4. Sun City 12 points, 5. Crescent Point/Eagle's Pointe 8 points, 6. Hampton Hall 5 points.

Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Results of event held Jan. 27 at Belfair Club (West Course); Boys 18 holes -- 1. C. MacCallum 71, 2. A. Orischak 74, 3. A. Weary 74; Girls 18 holes (9 only) -- 1. N. Lezcano 43, 2. M. Langs 44; Boys 9 holes -- 1. D. Weary 37, 2. T. Mancill 41, 3. D. Azallion 41; Girls 9 holes -- 1. K. Thorne 43, 2. J. Hubbard 48.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held Jan. 31; Format: Team Point Quota; 1. Frank Porter, Frank Vasata, Ross Somers, Hugh Whitman; 2. Larry Beckish, Alan Westcob, Tom Burnett; Closest to the Pin -- Alan Westcob, Bob deGuzman, Frank Vasata, Frank Porter.

Moss Creek

Results of Men's day held Jan. 29; Format: 1 of 2 best ball net; Flight 1 -- 1. R. Bates, 2. (tie) R. Obrig, Klingaman, R. Reynolds, G. Jones; Flight 2 -- 1. P. Resetar, D. Dahl; 2. C. Beltman, P. Schulz; 3. D. Smith, R. Kuehn.

Results of Ladies day held Jan. 30; Format: 2 of 4 better ball odd and even; 1. (tie) J. Wahlrab, A. Barreca, M. Fulling, J. Gibbons, C. Smith, S. Sommerstein, J. Minnich, J. Lombardi; 3. A. Burke, J. Selby, S. Thompson, G. Risko.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held Jan. 31; Format: 1 of 3 better ball; 1. E. Himes, S. Lachenaur, E. Birkett; 2. J. Crudden, J. Patnaude, B. Wilson; 3. B. Hill.

Rose Hill

Results of tournament held Jan. 30; Low Gross: Mateja Johnson; Low Net front: Jane Gurganus; Low Net back: JoAnne Bauer.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held Jan. 14; Format: 2 better ball of 4; 1. Bob Szczerbicki, Alfred Patnaude, Phil Coffey, Chris Garmston; 2. Denny Jones, Tony Karnas, Roger Healey, Dale Stauffer; 3. Mike Valadez, Joseph Cutshall, John Mikita, Gus Christ; 4. Robert Gummere, Harold Bell, Al Rosenberg, Andy Onda; 5. George Cheatham, Robert Nelson, Hugh Armstrong, Al Marchioni; 6. Mike Waller, Jerry Coghlan, Ron Cecil, Bob Holben; Closest to the Pin -- Alfred Lombardi, Mike Valadez, Terry Gaither, Abby Petkov.

Results of tournament held Jan. 28 at Shipyard; Format: Individual Stableford; Flight A - 1. Bruce Kline, 2. Morris Atkin; Flight B - 1. Ron Welpott, 2. Dwight Hunting; Flight C - 1. David Brignati, 2. John Schafer; Flight D - 1. Vince Albanese, 2. Jerry Hankins; Flight E - 1. Larry O'Brien, 2. Chris Garmston; Closest to the Pin -- Rick Thompson, Dwight Hunting, Tom Gozdecki, Bruce Kline.

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