By all means, women should be in combat

info@islandpacket.comFebruary 3, 2013 

I note with pleasure that women might soon be allowed to join men in combat. Great. I'm all for it. Generation gaps can co-exist after all. I'm from the traditional Emily Post generation, and I'm too old to change. Now it's not necessary. Today's "cool" generation likes diversity and will be quick to accept our idiosyncrasies (I think), as we're willing to accept or blend with theirs.

The world's in an uproar and the threat of combat is a real possibility. So here's what I suggest: If you have a son, you should emphasize the value of consideration and etiquette since he might some day find himself in a combat situation with his new female companions. Remind him to mind his manners in such a case and if an order is given to "charge," he should remember his upbringing, step aside and in a gracious tone of voice say, "Ladies first."

Just kidding, folks.

Tom Everingham


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