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Sun City Hilton Head resident Hazel Burger celebrates 102nd birthday

Special to The Sun City PacketFebruary 2, 2013 

Hazel Burger celebrated her 102nd birthday with a serenade by Stan Grossman singing “The 12th of Neverâ€%9D on Jan. 7.


Hazel Burger, who was born and raised on a farm in Milford, Ind., with seven other siblings, observed her 102nd birthday Jan. 8. The night before, she attended the first Karaoke Club gathering of 2013 and was serenaded by friends Fred Zoda and Stan Grossman.

Burger is a regular on the dance floor during karaoke and is an avid member of the Ballroom Dance Group. Hazel now plays golf, having recently given up tennis.

Her earliest memories are of playing with her brothers and sisters, learning how to ride a bicycle and World War I.

"I remember all the men were gone except my father," she said. "That was because he had eight children and also because he was a farmer."

She attributes her longevity to good thoughts, good food and a wonderful family and friends.

"I changed my diet at 57 and I know it has changed my life," she said. At the recommendation of a holistic doctor she went to, Hazel focused on whole grains and plenty of water while giving up preservative-free foods, milk products and white flour. "I'm one of the lucky ones."

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