Abortion simply wrong and should be illegal

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 26, 2013 

I'm in the ninth grade. I'm not old enough to drive, vote or drink, but I am old enough to have an opinion. I have opinions on lots of things, and abortion is one of them. I think abortion is wrong, and should be illegal.

Abortion, to put it simply, is the murder of a fetus, an innocent baby who has not been given the chance to live. Some say that it's not a baby. A fetus has tiny hands, little feet, organs and even a brain. So, if a fetus isn't a baby, then what is it? There is no other answer because a fetus is a human baby, and abortion ends the life of this tiny baby.

Some say a fetus isn't alive in the womb, only when it is born. It has a heartbeat, and can even be felt when it kicks. Who are these people to say when a fetus becomes alive? What about the five seconds before the fetus is born? Is it alive then? What is a fetus if it is not alive?

Abortion is dangerous to the mother. It can cause infertility and some studies say it can cause breast cancer. Why undergo these risks?

To protest abortion, my youth group traveled to Washington with thousands of others for the March for Life. This was my fourth year going. Everyone should be given the chance to live because we only live once.

Jillian Angner


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