Recreation Results, Jan. 23

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Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of Men's day tournament held Jan. 19; Format: 1 better ball of 2; Flight 1 -- 1. John Winnestaffer, Swight Hunting; 2. Bob Rusche, Denny Jones; Flight 2 -- 1. Dave Lunka, Jim Walczy; 2. Dave Rounds, Geoff Toonder; Closest to the Pin -- Craig Jackson, Don Bainbridge.

Dataw Island

Results of Sunday Mixed Couples tournament held Jan. 13; Front Nine Flight; 1. Jerry Smith, Robbie Foote, Victor and Gloria Otley; 2. Bob and Sally Haxby; Jan and Mern Gouza; Back Nine Flight -- Bill and Carol Carpenter; John and Michele Weaber; 2. Tink and Paula Campbell; Jim and Susan Dickson, Ron and Susan Converse; Luke and Stacey Zelten.

Results of 9-hole men's tournament held Jan. 15; 1. Chuck Hinners, Ken O'Brien, Cliff Hubbell, Rich Lam; 2. Tom Hurley, Jon Gregory, Colin Collins, Don Flinn; 3. Larry Van Dillen, Nils Dahl, Joe Maus, John Ballantyne; 18-Hole Men tournament: 1. (tie) Lou Body, Paul Jorgensen, Bill Fox, Curt Parker, Phil Meeker, Stan Karmilovich, Fred Klotz, Dick Nalwasky; 2. (tie) John Schafer, Bernie Chalmers, David Easley, Matt Longwell, John Ferguson, Bill Weber, Bob Haxby, Chuck Raynor; Closest To The Pin -- John Ferguson, David Easley, Jim Fargher, Bo Tobin, Jon Gregory, Bob Welborn.

Dolphin Head

Results of Men's tournament held Jan. 18; Format: 1 better ball of 2; 1. Mike Jenner, Ron McCann; 2. Joh Dixon, Bill Finney; 3. Rich Tucker, Roger White.

Fripp Island

Results of the Women's Golf Association event held Jan. 15; Format: 6-6-6 Relay; 1. Carole Fahey, Nancy Connell, Patti Mathews and Wylene Martin; 2. Annelisa Bindra, Barbara Sealey, Jan Pringle and Zan Dukes; 3. Anne Hoyle, Judy Hummer and Kathryn Woolley.

Lady's Island

Results of women's tournament held Jan. 15; 1. Katie Hobbs, 2. (tie) Kit Winterer and Mary Whitman.

Sea Pines Country Club

Results of tournament held JAn. 15; Format: Step-A-Side Scramble; 1. Terrie Allemang, Ursula Walton, Nancy Winch, Carol Orlosky; 2. Charlotte Skinner, Ruth Bartlett, Nancy Hoover, Mary Jo Abrahamson; 3. Linda Bridgers, Jane Sterne, Kathy Tortorella, Joanne Barbara.

Results of tournament held Jan. 16; Format: 1 better ball of 2; 1. Phil McKee, Joe Carroccio; 2. Allen Skinner, George Blankenship; 3. Joe Ondo, John Matthews; 4. Billy Sterne, Bob Diulio; 5. Ed Wilcox, Gordon Hassing.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's tournament held Jan. 18; Format: Low Gross/Low Net; Low gross: Jeff McConnell, Low Net -- Larry Sauer; Skins -- Jim Benford, John Pagluica, Larry Sauer.

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