What's her secret?: 'Let them make decisions'

abredeson@islandpacket.comJanuary 22, 2013 

Linda Prosser is photographed on Jan. 8 with her sons Ben, left, and Jacob.


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Name: Linda Prosser

Husband: Heath

Town: Hilton Head Island

Children: Ben, 17; Jacob, 13

Occupation: Independent consultant for Aflac and part-time server at Roastfish & Cornbread

Go-to dinners: Her husband is a chef so he cooks most nights, but when he doesn't, it's either grilled cheese or breakfast for dinner.

Biggest pet peeve: The kids' messy bedrooms

Hobbies: Shark fishing, camping, bicycling, watching the Green Bay Packers and reading

Volunteer work: Occasionally at Hilton Head Island Middle School and Hilton Head Island High School

Favorite mom moment: "You're always proud when you see your kids do something that you hope you taught them. ... There was a kid that was scared at school one day, and Ben took him aside ... and (said), 'It's going to be OK.' When you see your kids doing something or people tell you how good your kids are, that's always a good mommy moment."

Most challenging moment: "It's challenging when they're trying to assert their independence, and you want them to have their rope, but you don't want them to hang themselves. ... Trying to let them make their own decisions, even when you know they're the wrong the decisions. They need to learn from their mistakes."

Advice for other moms of teenagers: "Keep the lines of communication open, and be aware of what your kids are doing."

Stress reliever: "You mean other than Bud Light? ... Mindless phone games. Then, I can calm down and move forward."


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