Area High School Basketball Leaders, Jan. 17

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Hilton Head Island High's Lauryn Bush, left, leads the area with 6.3 steals per game. She's also in the top 10 in assists and scoring.




Brad Meccariello HHCA 17.2

Aaron Frazier HHH 17.1

John Eck HHP 15.4

Preston Suber BA 14.3

Simeon Middleton WB 13.4

Yuneek Crittendon BC 12.7

Devontae Wilson BC 12.5

Dee Delaney WB 12.4

Randy Young HHP 11.1

Conner Akers BA 10.5

Michael Julian HHH 10.5

Finn Koppernaes BA 10.2

Michael Middleton WB 9.5

Jacob Coltrane HHH 9.1

Charlie Wilmot HHP 8.2

Charles Jiles WB 8.2

Jay Abney WB 7.9

Zack Polk HHCA 7.4

Denzel Daniel WB 7.2

Raheem Cooper BC 7.1


Finn Koppernaes BA 9.1

Randy Young HHP 8.5

Dee Delaney WB 8.0

John Eck HHP 7.1

Denzel Daniel WB 6.7

Eric Freeman BC 6.2

Michael Julian HHH 5.8

Jay Abney WB 5.7

Charles Jiles WB 5.6

Sam McCracken HHP 5.6

Shaun Topper HHP 5.4

Michael Middleton WB 5.1

James Sanders HHH 5.1


Conner Akers BA 3.8

Dee Delaney WB 3.5

Simeon Middleton WB 3.0

Charles Sanford BA 2.8

Michael Middleton WB 2.4

Terrell Hazel WB 2.4

Michael Julian HHH 2.3

Aaron Frazier HHH 1.8


Charlie Wilmot HHP 4.6

Michael Julian HHH 3.5

Dee Delaney WB 2.8

Charles Sanford BA 2.8

Jacob Coltrane HHH 2.6

Finn Koppernaes BA 2.3

John Eck HHP 2.2

Michael Middleton WB 2.1

Preston Suber BA 2.1

Adonis Williams BC 2

Caleb Lewis HHCA 2.0



Daisja Cannon BC 20.4

Miranda Weslake BA 19.8

Kemoni Jenkins WB 17.9

Jamie Malphrus THA 16.6

Brielle Jungblut THA 14.7

Americal Jenkins HHH 14.6

S'Nitra Mack WB 14.0

Lauryn Bush HHH 13.2

Ziarre Doe HHCA 12.1

Macee Tamminen HHCA 11.2

Tiffany Banks BLF 10.8

Alisha Varela BC 10.7

Jordan Fields BFT 10.2

Sharrin Reed WB 9.8


Americal Jenkins HHH 13.6

Jamie Malphrus THA 11.3

Francesca Guidibono HHCA 9.0

S'Nitra Mack WB 8.3

Ziarre Doe HHCA 8.3

Zion Campbell HHH 7.7

Monique Whitley BLF 7.2

Chandler Cook THA 7.0

Jonae Riley WB 6.4

Johnnie Gaston BLF 6.2

Shy Flemming HHH 5.7

Ellie Bryan THA 5.6


Dynasty Mervin BLF 5.8

Kemoni Jenkins WB 4.5

Lauryn Bush HHH 4.0

Brielle Jungblut THA 3.2

Audrey Bensch HHCA 3.1

Savannah Reier HHH 3.1

Sharrin Reed WB 2.7

Taylor Ernestine THA 2.6

Macee Tamminen HHCA 2.1

Kenyada Moultrie WB 2.1

Daisja Cannon BC 2.1


Lauryn Bush HHH 6.3

Brielle Jungblut THA 5.6

Miranda Weslake BA 4.8

Savannah Reier HHH 4.5

Andy Anderson HHCA 4.5

Kemoni Jenkins WB 4.4

Jordan Fields BFT 3.5

Rachel Friend HHH 3.5

Ziarre Doe HHCA 3.4

Americal Jenkins HHH 3.4

Macee Tamminen HHCA 3.3

Kenyada Moultrie WB 3.2

Taylor Ernestine THA 3.1

Note: High school basketball coaches need to submit their stats by 3 p.m. Thursday.

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