Did you ever have one of those days?

rodcrafter@islc.netJanuary 13, 2013 

Actions are often hard to explain, much less circumstances, which can lead to humiliation. It's like telling Stephen King how to write or telling Congress you are unjustly taxed. Neither will get you noticed, although the latter may get you audited.

Trying to make things work in my world has been difficult recently. This statement is summed up in a common phrase: Haste makes waste.

In my last column, I mentioned I was building a desk for fly-tying. This came to a halt, as the week's weather was to hard to ignore. This aided another promise I made to fish more in 2013, a part of the agenda that pays a quicker dividend. All this made me realize it is hard to accomplish the tangible when you have a positive grip on the unobtainable.

I pushed off the May River for a day of uninterrupted fishing. Great weather, favorable tides and smooth water reinforced my decision to fish the area. I put three in the boat not 20 yards from the landing. Twenty minutes later another three fish hit bait before things abruptly changed. The bilge started pumping and a quick look proved my suspicion was correct. I had forgotten to install the drain plug. With years of boating experience, I should know better, but it happens to the best of us.

I made the landing as the pump, in its final effort to beat the clock, failed. Then, like anyone not wishing to appear stupid for a common oversight, acted as if all was well.

The overweight boat proved too much for the aged trailer and the supports collapsed. I made it home with the help of a discarded 2x4 and the generosity of two teenagers who felt sorry for me. The penance for ignorance was becoming expensive. I reluctantly pulled into the yard, shamed by self-set standards of accomplishment.

With a lame excuse for this sudden return, the challenge was laid out for anyone to question my motive. It soon became apparent to all in witness I was having a bad day. I cut my hand cleaning the fish, broke my best fillet knife in disgust and managed to alienate the family cat from her list of favorite people.

All in attendance unanimously agreed it would be best if I found a less stressful task to accomplish. Thinking I could salvage part of the day, I proceeded to my shop and the fly-tying desk.

Another oversight put an end to this goal rather quickly. It seems the door had been left open and what lay before me would have made the most devout preacher find a few choice words not shown by reference.

If you have ever witnessed a wild critter on the rampage in an enclosed environment, you know the result is far from pretty. My refusal for a taste of fresh fish with an annoying house cat seemed to have riled the normally docile creature a bit. What once was a well-defined assortment of feathers, thread and wrapping materials now lay scattered among an array of small hooks, beads, glues and adhesives.

This scourge of one-sided feline devotion and I need to come to an agreement.

Before sunset, I made amends to family and friends for my display of rude and crude, and managed to get things reasonably organized in the shop. The trailer will wait until tomorrow after a peace offering to the cat -- a prime can of albacore tuna.

We'll see how it goes ...


The Year Round Fishing Tournament is under way. The tournament is open to all licensed anglers. Brochures can be found at most fishing outlets.

Awards will be given to the top finishers in Male Angler, Female Angler, Youth Angler (17 and under) and 10x10 (10 and under). Twenty-eight species of fish are featured in the event. All species must be caught while fishing in a boat and must be weighed at Port Royal Landing Marina. They can be transported by boat or vehicle.

The tournament committee will follow the guidelines specified by the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and South Carolina DNR rules and regulations.

For more information, call Capt. Frank Gibson at 843-522-2020 or the Port Royal Landing Marina at 843-525-6664.

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