Lady's Island road long overdue for paving

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 11, 2013 

The retirement house we bought was built in 1984. We bought it about nine years ago but didn't move to Beaufort until 2006.

We liked the site, a double lot, the in-ground pool, the location -- secluded and yet two miles from downtown Beaufort. We made a lot of changes and brought the house into the 21st century, even added another master suite so we could host our family.

What has not changed yet is the road. It seems impossible to think that after so many years and several new houses built on Gator Lane, the road is still unpaved. Yes, this is one of the two roads in Royal Pines that has yet to see asphalt.

Young children live here, and they are forced to ride their bikes on dirt and through mud and potholes. Is it fair that all of the roads in Royal Pines have been repaved, but our road has yet to even see trucks to fill the potholes with additional dirt? (We have to call the state Department of Transportation and then wait for them to come, usually five or six weeks.)

Adding insult to injury, dead tree branches look like they might fall at any time and injure children at play. Does Beaufort County care? What does it take to make things right?

Isn't 29 years -- 1984 to 2013 -- long enough?

Marisa Sherard

Lady's Island

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