Lt. Dan Weekend thankful for community support

info@islandpacket.comJanuary 7, 2013 

As we look back on the year 2012, we wish to acknowledge our gratitude for the support your newspaper and the residents of the Lowcountry have demonstrated toward our severely wounded American veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan.

These men and women, who have suffered terrible brain injuries and life-altering, multiple amputations, are our "healing heroes."

Without help, we at The Independence Fund and its Lt. Dan Weekend would be unable to provide them with the services and equipment they deserve -- the things our Veterans Administration and federal government cannot afford to fund.

Specifically, we thank the Gazette for the wonderful photo that appeared Dec. 30 of Lt. Col. Mike Corrado, USMC, who performed during the Lt. Dan Weekend 3 Vetpalooza concert, and the photo that appeared the week prior of disabled vet John Peck and Adam Keys in their new all-terrain Trackchairs that were donated by the Independence Fund.

We also very much appreciate the photos of our volunteers preparing gifts at Palm Key for the Christmas party at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

For all this, in addition to your sponsorship of our golf tournaments, Lt. Dan Weekend and other events, we wish to express our appreciation. Your support reflects the wonderful community service provided by your newspaper, our local governments and our citizens.

Thank you, and happy 2013.

Dick Clarke

director of operations

Lt. Dan Weekend


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