Armed volunteers could protect schools

info@islandpacket.comDecember 29, 2012 

If one studies the facts, one would know that in every state where concealed weapons are allowed, the crime rate is down, and that cities with the strictest gun controls have the highest violent crime rates.

Gun control is unobtainable; bad guys will always have guns and control would only result in anywhere becoming a kill zone.

Since we can't eliminate guns and there happens to be a Second Amendment, how do we protect our children?

My proposal, which would cost the taxpayer nothing, is to go to the community and ask for volunteers, mainly veterans and retired police who have concealed weapons permits, and use them as guards at 23 public schools in Beaufort County. Using two guards per school with four-hour shifts, you would need 20 volunteers per school for one shift per week, or 460 volunteers. Add another 40 "reserves" and the need is 500 at one shift per week, or only 250 at two shifts per week.

I would gladly volunteer to work with the police to organize and run the volunteer group. It would put to bed the call to arm teachers and leave them to do what they do best, teach our kids. If I get enough positive response to do this, I will approach the police with a plan to do so. Police can deter crime but they are not omnipresent and therefore cannot prevent it most of the time. The volunteers could prevent it at schools.

George McMurtry

Lady's Island

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