Weather update from WTOC meteorologist John Wetherbee

December 28, 2012 

Clouds are thickening a little quicker, temperatures are struggling just a bit after a frosty start, and showers will come later tonight. It won't rain all weekend; clearing happens tomorrow just before lunch, and it will be sunny, breezy and cooler again for Sunday.

You know, if one of these quick-moving rainmakers would happen to catch the cold air already in place, we could have… Well, never mind.

Second time we have dropped to 31 officially this season, our coldest temperature so far (the first time was Dec 22nd). We were scraping windshields this morning followed by some morning sun, then our mostly cloudy afternoon.

There are actually two centers with this next system, and that set-up will prevent it from being as strong. No severe threat or damaging winds so far, except along the immediate Gulf Coast.

One core is over the Great Lakes producing light snow; the other is coming off the Southern Plains gobbling up Gulf moisture as it tracks to the northeast across the North Georgia. And the second core will end up being the strongest because it will bomb off the Carolina coast to become a Nor'easter by the end of the weekend.

The models agree on a dry but cool Sunday and Monday. New Year's Eve will by dry with overnight lows in the mid 40s, near 40 inland areas. Then the next rainmaker arrives by Tuesday afternoon. In fact, January 1st, 2nd and 3rd all feature clouds and rain chances. The New Year will start off gray, it seems.

Meteorologist John Wetherbee, CBM

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