Bluffton Self Help assists people and families in need

info@islandpacket.comDecember 27, 2012 

In this November file photo, Bluffton Self Help employee Lori Bonzagni hands the makings of a Thanksgiving dinner to a recipient.


  • Turner Electrical of South Carolina: $500

    Meredith Barrett: $35

    Carolyn D. Hubers: $25

    K Obrien: $25

    In memory of "Cliff": $100

    Sun City Luncheon Club: $100

    Donald and Lida Mikkelson: $50

    Rosalene and Ralph Ickes: $25

    Doris and Robert Price: $100

    Sandra White and Richard Vanderveer : $200

    Susan and Rod Roderus: $100

    Robert and Vera Rogers: $50

    Temple Oseh Shalom: $153

    Anonymous: $500, $500, $150, $150, $100, $100, $100, $100, $50, $50, $35, $25

    Total to date: $87,616.65

John, who is in his 40s, suffered a sudden stroke and was left paralyzed from the waist up on the left side of his body.

He filed for disability and attended regular speech rehabilitation and physical therapy sessions while awaiting an answer on his disability application.

He and his wife, Marcia, had to make do on her income alone. Their savings were quickly depleted. Family helped cover monthly bills.

As medical expenses and daily bills piled up, they found themselves unable to cover their mortgage payment. Bluffton Self Help paid the balance of their mortgage during this difficult time.

Marcia recently told Self Help that John had been approved for disability. Marcia received a raise at her job and also got a part-time job.

Bluffton Self Help provides a broad range of social services for poor working families, the disabled, sick and elderly.

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