GOP should look inward for explanations of loss

info@islandpacket.comDecember 25, 2012 

I have read one too many explanations of why the Republican Party lost the last presidential election, which was arguably theirs to win.

It has less to do with the nation becoming a bunch of grabby dependents and more to do with the GOP driving away people who might otherwise support them. Today, to win in the GOP's primaries, you have to appeal to a conservative minority, who in many ways do not represent the mainstream.

So whom does the GOP drive away?

First, anyone who at heart is an environmentalist. While it is truly conservative to care for the environment, the party that gave us the Environmental Protection Agency does not think so today. Second, women of all sorts, most of whom are fed up with hearing about "transvaginal probes" and "legitimate rape."

Third, recent immigrant-citizens who view the GOP's immigration policies as unrealistic. Fourth, blacks who have long observed the GOP's policies, especially in the South, to be racist. Fifth, people who view the GOP as blurring the solid line they believe is necessary between church and state. Sixth, people who are sympathetic to gay and lesbian issues, such as marriage equality. Seventh, the significant numbers of people who think the GOP favors the affluent. The list goes on.

Fortunately for the GOP, they don't have to rewrite the book to become sufficiently more attractive. We need a strong and relevant conservative party, a party that could nominate someone like Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan or Jon Huntsman.

William I. Griffith

Lady's Island

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