Deep Well charity helps people in need

info@islandpacket.comDecember 24, 2012 

  • The latest contributions to The Deep Well Project.

    GenOn Energy In Honor of Elizabeth Mole: $5,000

    Wells Fargo Advisors, Main Street: $2,680

    Donna and Shirley Beavers: $2,500

    Helmut and Christa Porkert: $1,500

    James and Bonnie Maguire: $1,500

    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scott: $1,000

    Keith and Maxine Swinehart: $1,000

    Malcolm and Sansing McPherson: $1,000

    David and Nancy Borghesi: $1,000

    Hank and Sue Noble: $1,000

    John and Jeanne Martin: $1,000

    Kirk and Susan Glenn: $1,000

    Destination Vacation LLC: $1,000

    In Memory of John Taylo: $750

    Roger and Francine Smith: $600

    Richard and Patricia Patrick: $500

    S.T. and M.A. Mangiaracina: $500

    David and Christie Leininge: $500

    Charles Sedelmeie: $500

    Allen and Judith Russell: $500

    Marjorie and James Fishe: $500

    Hilton Head Island Seventh Day Adventist Church: $500

    Betty and Bob Grohman: $500

    Palmetto Kiwanis Club: $500

    In Memory of Richard F. Jones: $500

    Ed and Mary Flournoy: $500

    Stephen and Eileen Clark: $500

    Port Royal Ladies Golf Association: $465

    Walton Cutshall: $300

    In Memory of Don Schroede: $250

    In Honor of Brian Carmody and Kathleen Carmody: $250

    Barbara and Gregory Henesy, M.D.: $250

    Robert and Doris McEwan: $250

    Joseph and Alice Frase: $200

    John and Vera Conway: $200

    Paul and Louise Lang: $200

    Friends and Neighbors in Sun City in Memory of Frank Bake: $200

    Leonard and Joan Stemann: $200

    Stefan and Sue Laxdal: $200

    Left Lead Liquors LLC (Rollers Wine and Spirits): $200

    Lee Gradman: $200

    Audrey Geoffroy: $200

    Lynda and Dr. James Castle: $200

    Art and Marcia Cornell: $200

    Edward and Susan Parrish: $200

    In Memory of Richard C. Hohman: $200

    Stephen Riley: $180

    "Originals" Golfing Group In Honor of Ray Booth: $150

    Terence and Barbara Conway: $150

    Wendy Eaton: $150

    Michael Stout: $150

    Barbara Becke: $150

    Doug and Thea Luba: $150

    Dale and Mary Mathis: $150

    David and Lynda Or: $125

    Edward Nash: $125

    In Rememberance of Lew Lanman: $100

    David and Patricia Ralff: $100

    Arla and Roger Wible: $100

    From Gene Ferguson In Memory of Colleen Ferguson: $100

    Doris Shay: $100

    Willis and Doris Shay: $100

    Jonathan Hayman: $100

    Sandy and Bill Kuttruff: $100

    Mary Tatarka Kirka and Anne Sullivan: $100

    Carol and Wilbur Mulle: $100

    In Memory of Mike Selves: $100

    Robert and Wyndom Brown: $100

    Lawrence Bentley: $100

    Bob and Carol Taylor: $100

    In Memory of Scott M. Kronenberg: $100

    Ann Andes: $100

    John and Eleanor Staub: $100

    Edward and Sharon Jaunsem: $100

    Kathleen and Leo Pollack: $100

    Robert and Louise Albertini: $100

    Gary and Rosemary Kratz: $100

    Tom and Pat Parmerlee: $100

    Ernest and Alice Amble: $100

    James and Rosemarie Rende: $100

    Thomas Little: $100

    Diana Churchill and Margaret Young: $100

    Louise Dewalt: $100

    BBandT Carswell Insurance: $110

    Robert and Sheila Buck: $100

    Genevieve Gee: $100

    In Memory of Anne Boyd Brooks: $100

    Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians: $100

    Doris and Paul Jamison: $100

    Virginia Teed: $100

    Robert and Patricia Houlihan: $100

    Francine and Bernard Kohout: $100

    David and Patricia Rapp: $100

    Charles and Barbara Mainenti: $100

    The Haidon Famiy: $100

    Joyce and Gene Ruth: $100

    In Memory of John Eck: $100

    Elizabeth Higbie: $100

    Douglas and Irene Farney: $100

    C. Parker Cook: $100

    John and Sherry Wojtulewicz: $100

    Mary Sinnett: $100

    Marilyn Owen: $100

    Margaret Eklof: $100

    Marjorie Atkinson: $100

    H and H Auto Body LLC: $100

    In Memory of Norman Wall : $100

    In Memory of Lillie Mae: $100

    Edward McLaughin: $100

    In Memory of Ryan Hackett: $100

    William and Sally Brown: $100

    Mary Taylor: $100

    Raymond Mintz: $100

    John Morgan: $100

    All Saints Supper Club: $52

    In Memory of Tim Doughtie: $50

    Vanessa Castaneda: $50

    In Memory of Scott Bobbitt: $50

    William and Joyce Sturm: $50

    Lee Ferris In Honor of Linda Archinaco: $50

    Lorraine Fritzky: $50

    Christine Taggart: $50

    Gary Arnold: $50

    Marian Kennedy: $50

    Timothy Nunes: $50

    Leigh Jones: $50

    Lawrence and Elizabeth Mischou: $50

    Charlene Bradeen: $25

    In Memory of L.H. Lanman: $25

    Maranell and Kenneth Busey: $25

    Marylou Adams: $25

    Mike Corlis: $10

    Michael and Marie Piscitello: $10

    Jacqueline Mutascio: $5

    Anonymous: $15,000, $2,000, $500, $500, $500, $500, $500, $200, $150, $150, $100, $100, $100, $90, $50, $50, $50, $30, $25, $20

    Today's total: $61,577

    Total-to-date: $219,151

Millie is 78 and struggles to get by on an income of $800 a month.

Along with heart problems, she also is on dialysis. She called The Deep Well Project last spring because she could not pay her electric bill. She had to use the money to pay an insurance bill.

Deep Well was able to help her with her monthly electric payment.

Deep Well provides a broad range of social services for poor working families, the disabled, the sick and the elderly.

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