Dear Santa ... A look at what Beaufort County kids wrote to the big guy

abredeson@islandpacket.comDecember 24, 2012 

Around the world, children have been preparing for Christmas -- hanging their stockings, decorating cookies for Santa and doing their best to stay on the "Nice" list. They've also written a lot of letters to the jolly old man.

The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette were lucky enough to get some copies of those letters. And here's what Beaufort County children are hoping for this Christmas.

Some children were thoughtful in their letters to Santa:

"Dear Santa,

The wish that I have is that I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! I herd you where going to be busy giving out presents this year."


I love you and Mrs. Clause. Be careful and I will see you soon."

"PS: Dear Santa, thank you for everything you do. Love ya."

"Dear Santa,

I really want a lot of stuff. Just give me a few of toys that's all I need. Just 13 toys..."

Some children wanted to make sure Santa knew they were good this year:

"Dear Santa,

I have been pretty good this year. I wish for Barbie clothes for Christmas to my daddy's fire station. I hope to see you on the fire truck."

"Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year. If you hvae room in your sleigh, may I pleese have a traxxes RC car, a tampoline, a red bike, a pogo stick...

Thank you. We will have milk and cookies for you and carrots for the reindeers."

And others got straight to the point:

"Dear Santa, Kid computer. I want a D.S. Lalaloopsy car. Lalaloopsys Little dolls. Lalaloopsy house. Hello Kitty show. Lalaloopsy show. Movie Brave. Legos. Journals. Power Rangers Samurais."

"Dear Santa, I want a metal detector, a XBox 360 with one game, and if it is possible bring me a catfish, a spider, bird, or one of them. I also want a remote control helicopter. A Justin Beaber CD. ..."

"Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a new bike. I would also like the lego camp set. New skates prefably blue/green. A new pair of blue and green high tops. A bed for nugget. A new rip-stick. A electric giutar."

"Dear Santa,

I would like a princess bike and a big girl guitar and the game that you fill the pig's tummy until it pops. And a dreamlight unicorn. I want to say 'Hey to the reindeer.'"


Burton post office delivers to the North Pole

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