December 20, 2012 

General telephone inquiries

Customer service: 877-706-8100

General office hours

Office hours: 9am - 4pm M-F., Beaufort Office Hours: 9am - 12:00pm, 1 - 4pm M-F



Title Name/Email Work Phone
Publisher and President Sara Johnson Borton 843-706-8105
Courier Stacy Carter
Vice President, Finance Cindy Taulbee 843-706-8230
Accounting Clerk Markeisha Crosby 843-706-8217
Accountanting Manager Sarah VanGeison 843-706-8233
Vice President, Human Resources Jolie Bagonzi 843-706-8190
Admin Coordinator/Manager Kimberly Abernethy 843-706-8191
Admin Support Ashley Hamilton 843-706-8158
Admin Support Susan Smith 843-706-8207


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Advertising Assistant Jessica Kirk 843-706-8213
Advertising Assistant Kathy McGill 843-706-8166
Advertising Representative Diane Adams 843-706-8163
Advertising Representative Lorrie Anderson 843-706-8194
Advertising Representative Brian Arpaia 843-706-8258
Advertising Representative Alex Barry 843-706-8157
Advertising Representative Tim Matthews 843-706-8170
Advertising Representative Tony Pressley 843-706-8268
Advertising Representative, Dealsaver Sharon Rogers 843-706-8188
Advertising Representative Adam Rosica 843-706-8171
Advertising Representative Marc Saylor 843-706-8188
Senior Account Executive Susan Green 843-706-8201
Advertising Manager Curt Jacobi 843-706-8245
Advertising Manager DM Preston Ketchum 843-706-8167
Advertising Manager Jeanine McMahon 843-706-8202
Vice President, Advertising Sandy Gillis 843-706-8160
VP, Digital/Business Development Bryan Osborn 843-706-8290
Vice President, Marketing Beth Patton 843-706-8180
Vice President, Information Technology Matt Engels 843-706-8237
Graphic Artist John Bowen 843-706-8206
Graphic Artist Nancy Dacus 843-706-8244
Graphic Artist Armand DeMille 843-706-8210
Graphic Artist Sarah Europe 843-706-8187
Special Sections and RE Editor Cate Fitzpatrick 843-706-8181
Inside Sales Erinn McNulty 843-706-8249
Classifieds Amy Robbins 843-706-8212
Classifieds Dee Walsh 843-706-8216
Beaufort Office Coordinator Pam Jenkins Burries 843-706-8197


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Production Director Ted Shook 843-706-8254
Pre-press Manager Morgan Bonner 843-706-8236
Mailroom Production Supervisor Edith Brown
Production Assistant Tammy Meyer 843-706-8154
Assist. Night Supervisor Ray Pryor
Production Supervisor Thomas Rivers
Night Production Manager Dan Mentzer
Production Manager Matt Thomas
Production Manager Mark Yates 843-706-8246


Title Name/Email Work Phone
Managing Editor Jeff Kidd 843-706-8175
Night City Editor Steve Austin 843-706-8133
Online Editor Kelly Davis 843-706-8102
Features Editor Liz Farrell 843-706-8140
Graphics/Photo Editor Drew Martin 843-706-8132
Sports Editor Mike McCombs 843-706-8120
Day City Editor Don McLoud 843-706-8139
Editorial Page Editor Gina Smith 843-706-8114
Designer/Copy Editor Bailey Atkinson 843-706-8128
Reporter: Education Sarah Bowman 843-706-8138
Features Writer Amy Bredeson 843-706-8134
Reporter: Hilton Head Island, Business Dan Burley 843-706-8142
Photographer Delayna Earley 843-706-8151
Designer/Copy Editor Ashley Fahey 843-706-8137
Assistant Sports Editor Stephen Fastenau 843-706-8182
Sports Copy Editor Barry Haapala 843-706-8119
Designer/Copy Editor Becca Harsch 843-706-8135
Photographer Jay Karr 843-706-8150
Columnist David Lauderdale 843-706-8115
Reporter: Military, Town of Bluffton Matt McNab 843-706-8125
Editorial Assistant Paul Mitchell 843-706-8149
Senior Copy Editor Todd Money 843-706-8135
Reporter: Beaufort/Port Royal Erin Moody 843-706-8184
Reporter: Beaufort County Zach Murdock 843-706-8147
Reporter: Crime, Northern Beaufort County Laura Oberle 843-706-8125
Designer/Copy Editor Sandra Ross 843-706-8129
Reporter: Sports Kendall Salter 843-706-8182
Designer/Copy Editor Alena Schwarz 843-706-8103
Features Writer Erin Shaw 843-706-8143
Photographer Theophil Syslo 843-706-8232
Designer/Copy Editor Lindsey Trapp 843-706-8126
Web Producer Johnny Woodard 843-706-8107

Interactive Media

Title Name/Email Work Phone
VP, Digital/Business Development Bryan Osborn 843-706-8290

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