Gross exaggerations bigger threat to country

info@islandpacket.comDecember 20, 2012 

There was an election: Democrats won, Republicans lost, and we're celebrating.

In 2008, I remember letters predicting the end of freedom "as they knew it," and now the same ranting is forecast for President Barack Obama's next term. It seems radical right-wingers won't accept our country's overwhelmingly electing Obama again. True, the stock market dropped 313 points the day after the election, but the loss was recouped within a few days.

Telephone calls a recent letter writer received from European friends have him drawing an analogy to Adolf Hitler's 1932 rise to power in Germany. Wrong. Hitler was never elected to office; he was defeated in the race for president. He seized power when he was appointed chancellor. Conversely, Obama was elected twice with more than 50 percent of the voters and despite efforts by Republicans to restrict that privilege to our fellow American citizens.

No editorial comment in the Packet has ever approached those described by the writer. Attempting to build a case, this right-wing dissident brings up a red herring claiming religious freedom is denied by making contraception available to every woman. No one is forced to use birth control. In fact, insurance companies provide it free.

What our framers meant was freedom from religion. Remember: When one religion is allowed more "freedom" than another, it reduces by that much, the freedom of others.

It is radical nonsense like this that bodes ill for our nation, not the voting majority.

Mike Ivers


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