New leaders needed to rebuild greatness

info@islandpacket.comDecember 20, 2012 

A recent letter to the editor was spot on regarding the Obama phenomenon. I use to think most people knew the difference between stupidity and ignorance, but obviously there are not enough of us out there.

In President Barack Obama's last State of the Union address he said he shouldn't be re-elected if he didn't meet certain criteria, which he failed to do. Obama has been a dismal failure at everything from our economy, to getting the Olympics, World Cup, etc., yet the media never cover these failures. Cite one successful trip Obama has taken.

Decade after decade, the worst-run cities and states in the country are run by liberals. When you look at the demographics, you understand why. You find uneducated people, unions, gangs and people who mess up their lives, yet feel they are entitled to a certain standard of living. The government pours billions into these situations expecting things to change but they don't, and we go back to the definition of stupidity and ignorance.

Obama's next four years will make the last four look good, and the people hurt the most will be his core constituency. We need new leaders the caliber of our Founding Fathers to step up and get behind a new revolution, which is what it is going to take to get our country back and rebuild the greatness we once had.

Jim Beck

St. Helena Island

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