Walmart doing fine without 'help' of unions

info@islandpacket.comDecember 17, 2012 

I am writing regarding the letter writer who is going to boycott Walmart because of its alleged bad treatment of its employees. The union bosses are salivating about the potential money that can be made from this endeavor.

I joined a union once. I did get higher pay, but not much else changed except the union bill every month. When I go to Walmart, I don't see anyone who looks like he or she is being overworked. The writer needs to ask employees of other food chains how their work schedule and wages are.

When the union gets in, I can assure you the prices will go up. Layoffs will begin and stores will close, meaning more unemployment. I would like to know what stores the writer will be going to where the employees get treated better.

Living in America, everyone has a choice as to where they work and what kind of work they do. To make life happier, I believe the writer of the letter needs to pull out a $10 bill and give it to the person stocking the shelves, and also the checkers.

I would like to know what stores offer better wages, better conditions and a chance for advancement as does Walmart. I will keep shopping there because of the clean stores, low prices and happy people -- and to keep people employed.

Barbara Hunchar


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