Jasper County, state lose again with bridge

info@islandpacket.comDecember 16, 2012 

The proposal to replace the existing two-lane Back River Bridge with yet another two-lane bridge is preposterous. What is needed is a four-lane bridge to conform to the adjacent four-lane Eugene Talmadge Bridge spanning the Savannah River, along with widening U.S. 17 to four lanes all the way to Interstate 95.

Or is the current plan just another way of saying that the Jasper port will never be built, as the Back River Bridge would be the route to I-95 and Interstate 16 south and west, and U.S. 17 is the only route to I-95 north from the proposed port?

Can't Jasper County ever catch a break, with both South Carolina and Georgia doing everything possible to kill the Jasper port?

One would guess this bridge is the token payment for allowing the Savannah River to be dredged all the way to the Port of Savannah, although the Jasper Port would eliminate the need for megaships to traverse so far upriver.

Whatever the motivation, Jasper County, and now South Carolina, loses again.

Francis X. Gindhart


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