Deep Well contribution list

info@islandpacket.comDecember 14, 2012 

Melvin and Lou Davis Fund: $5,000

Alan McCollough: $2,500

Long Cove Club Ladies Golf Association: $1,378

Lowcountry Oyster and Motorcar Driving Society: $500

Len and Julie Croft: $250

Mary and Ian Murray: $250

Horst and Gisela Schroeder: $2,000

William Tuthill Jr.: $1,200

Ford and Patricia Hutchinson Family Fund: $500

Nancy and Michael Nastally: $500

Jean Meaney: $500

Isabel Dellilo: $500

Carla Young: $500

Richard and Elinor Konys: $365

Richard Lund: $300

Oyster Reef Ladies Golf Association: $357

William and Geraldine Swope: $250

Charles and Nancy Duvall: $250

Stanley and Sylvia Stroup: $250

Shelby Page: $250

Judith McCracken: $200

Lois Claus: $200

Beverly Birckhead: $200

John and Suzanne Farrington: $200

Thomas and Susan Jacoby: $200

Paul and Joanne Stillman: $200

William and Rebecca Sims: $200

Nicholas and Connie Dzendzel: $200

Arthur and Jacquelyn Ryan: $150

Lorene and Tom Thornbury: $150

Paul Pierpaoli: $125

Ben and Karen Smith: $100

Susan Beeson In Memory of Ruth Ellen Dolan: $100

William and Constance Rathman: $100

South Art Inc.: $100

Barbara O'Connor: $100

Donald and Marilyn Lorenz: $100

Henry Boldt: $100

Peg and George Bottari: $100

Julia Griswold: $100

In memory of Chester Finn: $100

Richard and Gean McCollum: $100

Anton and Eleanor Schramm: $100

Lee and Jennie McIntyre: $100

John and Juliann Wallis: $100

Robert and Madelon Matile: $100

Willard and Edith Olson: $100

Col. David and Jean Pustilnik: $100

Nell Simmons: $100

Nancy Politi: $75

Charlotte Taylor: $50

Barbara and Ernst Pfrunder: $50

Richard and Judith Johnson: $50

In Honor of Cecil and Frances Viverette: $40

Tracy and Terry Brown: $25

Anonymous: $2,500, $1,200, $400, $100, $100, $50, $35, $25, $25

Total to date: $97,574

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