Insightful, factual letters would go down easier

info@islandpacket.comDecember 14, 2012 

Every month, like clockwork, readers are mistreated by a letter writer whose message is self-serving, lacking in instructive comment and always based on "liberals are good, right-wingers are bad." Rarely do we see any facts presented. Rather, he is provided an outlet for an ego trip in which to think himself victorious by out-shouting other writers.

Our citizenry is watching a political (and dangerous) excursion toward the country's economic future. The issues more and more have become trivialized by the liberal press, who have fallen in behind President Barack Obama's clear progressive goals. The president seeks higher taxes on the rich, which would fund the government for about eight days, while House Republicans and most economists document tax inadequacies without major reductions in spending. Reduced spending will come later says the president, an apparent hollow promise shown by his past actions.

Solutions to most problems, whether technical, economic or even political, are best founded on laboratory experimentation and empirical evidence. Europe's 50-year slide into bankruptcy by frivolous spending is all the evidence we should need, but our electorate ignores, or doesn't understand, what the new America will become if we continue a similar destructive path.

The next few weeks of political debate are critical to us all. I encourage you to select letters that emphasize facts over rhetoric and relegate the childish, flame-throwing letters to your website. Morning coffee with the newspaper will thus be much improved.

Albert Slechter


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