GOP must develop winning game plan

info@islandpacket.comDecember 12, 2012 

We need to give it up. Give the White House an out. The wealthy can afford what the Democrats are after. Trade it for a reduction in real costs: entitlement programs, foreign aid and a balanced budget. Republicans will look good in the press (maybe) and not look like "mindless obstructionists."

True statesmanship isn't about being stubborn and wearing your opponent down at the expense of your constituents. It's about determining what the opposition needs and making tradeoffs so that both sides walk away with a sense of satisfaction, not a sense of smug victory.

  • Develop a methodology to determine who is needy by choice and who is needy by necessity or circumstance. If you don't, the welfare system will continue to subsidize sloth and promiscuity.

  • Energy independence should be the highest priority. We shouldn't be enslaved by a Middle East that has vowed to destroy us, brought us the Iran-Carter fiasco, two Iraqi wars, Benghazi, the World Trade Center and innumerable atrocities. They don't give a hoot about the U.S. other than our oil money.

  • Don't push democracy in the Middle East. We, the people, chose to be free and to overthrow our oppressors. At some point, countries will ask for our help.

  • Forget Roger Clemens. Even though it means losing face time on TV. There are more important issues.

  • Stop sending our money overseas. We can't buy friends and respect abroad. Try buying the respect of those in the U.S. impoverished by circumstances.

  • Bill Kuttruff

    Hilton Head Island

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