Obama hasn't earned respect or re-election

info@islandpacket.comDecember 12, 2012 

I would like to comment on a Dec. 7 letter, "Obama hasn't earned respect due his offfice."

I agree with the writer wholeheartedly and would like to go a little further. It seems that if you talk ill of President Barack Obama, then you are prejudiced even though we have criticized all presidents when we feel they are going down the wrong path or have not lived up to their promises and are wasting taxpayers' money.

So it must be that because of his heritage, he can do no wrong. Therefore, the vote to re-elect him was one of joint prejudice. It could not be due to his accomplishments in his first years of office. Ask yourself what he has done to help the U.S. get back on its feet and what he has done since he was re-elected, except play chicken on the issue of the "fiscal cliff."

He really doesn't care about the economy, jobs creation, budgets, etc. If he did, where is his plan, not one that he knows will be rejected? I, too, am sorry about the people who put him back in office.

Jack Snyder


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