Time for Republicans to recognize reality

info@islandpacket.comDecember 11, 2012 

In a Nov. 28 letter, a local Republican Party stalwart asked what President Barack Obama won?

He won the office of president of the United States of America. The same office that the scribe's guy coveted, but fortunately for all of us did not win.

It is the scribe's opinion that the losers shouldn't compromise with the president; the president should bend over backward to compromise with Republicans. According to the letter writer, this country is still right of center. Well fortunately only in his and in the minds of other right-wing radical fanatics is that reality. His guy not only lost, but also was soundly defeated, and that is spelled "lost," and that is reality.

The scribe also made reference to 47 percent of the people in his letter, the same 47 percent whom his guy referred to as slackers and who should be ignored by the Republican Party; the 47 percent made up of retired veterans, Social Security and Medicare recipients, students, young adults, single parents, blacks, Hispanics and women; the 47 percent who were a major factor in the president's election to a second term.

If the Republican Party continues to look down its long elephant nose at the 47 percent of the people who held Mitt Romney accountable for his remarks behind closed doors, then maybe, just maybe, we will be lucky enough never to have another Republican hold the title of president of the United States of America.

Tony Amadeo


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