Deep Well contributions

info@islandpacket.comDecember 10, 2012 

Donna Vaughn: $500

Raymond and Gwendolyn Enstine: $250

Jacobs Family Charitable Foundation: $500

Tom and Joan Israel: $300

Dennis Egan: $500

Carl and Patricia Miller: $350

Jo Dye and Michael Keskin: $1,000

Roger and Marian Jackson: $250

Richard and Eleanor Harvey: $500

In Memory of Judith Kovalik: $1,000

Roger Clark: $1,000

Paul and Arlene Pierpaoli: $150

Russell and Karla Collins: $100

Kevin and Patricia Doyle: $100

John and Carolyn Quigley: $100

Paul and Linda Healey: $25

Helen Buffington and Melissa Damiano: $100

Nancy Graham: $100

William and Barbara Lambart: $100

Nikki Greenberg: $100

Matt Putzier: $100

John and Susan Webster: $100

Grey and Janet Palmer: $25

Scott and Florence Gustafson: $100

Paul and Dorothy Duke: $25

Larry and Polly Jackson: $200

John and Diane Faucette: $100

Bruce and Lois Smith: $150

Thomas and Susan Brooks: $100

Helen and Gerard Hand: $100

Michael and Barbara Garrigan: $200

Jane Harring: $100

Dorothy Murphy: $100

Ronald and Irene Bish: $100

Michael and Phyllis Roetnor: $100

In Memory of Col. Robert J. Kriwanek: $200

Douglas Johnson: $100

Kenneth and Anna Elion: $100

Edward Thoms: $150

Ronald and Lana Rae Ruzic: $100

Barbara Oosterhout-Kiebler: $100

Kenneth Hiatt: $100

The Bridge Buddies at Sea Pines Country Club: $300

William Hines: $100

Richard Dean: $150

Anonymous: $500, $200, $200, $200, $100, $100, $100, $60, $50, $50, $50

Total to date: $71,449

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