Many reasons voters turned from Republicans

info@islandpacket.comDecember 10, 2012 

For most of us, the election is over, and we are hoping that members of Congress will begin to work together to solve the complex problems our nation faces.

For others, the bashing of President Barack Obama continues. It's like a dog with a bone. Some people just won't let it go. Sen. Mitch McConnell's announcement that the first priority of the Republican Party was to fire Obama, rather than to address the needs of the people, was telling. It angered many because of its mean-spirited attitude. The Republicans lost because of that kind of hard line -- attacking Obama and disrespecting the office of the presidency. Americans' psyche empathizes with the underdog and hates a bully. To many, House Speaker John Boehner was perceived as a villain, who stalled critical legislation and favors the rich.

During the election, Mitt Romney presented confusing details in an effort to discredit Obama's programs. The average American is suspicious of manipulated details. Voters want simple answers on issues, such as the safety of their life savings and entitlement programs. They do not want a maze of explanations veiled in bluster.

But ultimately, the Republicans lost because Romney ran a white campaign, while Obama ran a multi-colored one. Now it appears that the refusal to cooperate continues to haunt us even as we face a fiscal cliff. Is that from arrogance, stubbornness or just plain stupidity? Whatever it is, you can be sure it's ultimately about power and will drive us to the edge of disaster.

Bob Faust

Hilton Head Island

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