Definition of 'stuff' differs for most people

info@islandpacket.comDecember 10, 2012 

As I hear Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, his take on American values is "people wanting stuff."

You must understand that O'Reilly and his followers, mostly Republicans, have an inflated narcissist's view of themselves. This arrogance demonstrates why they lack any public social understanding. They are incensed that "someone is getting something for nothing." Most Americans don't have that difficulty. Americans look at America as a country with equal justice and opportunity and taxes as a form of an investment.

Mainstream Americans believe their (stuff) taxes should be invested in our children's education, infrastructure, and yes, even social programs. This is what we pay for. We believe it creates strong virtues, opportunities and a healthy society, with well-educated youths and dignity for the poor and elderly. This optimism is what religions would call trusting in God. American enthusiasm is exceptionalism and at the root of being a front-runner. It's about people, not corporations, or the crumbs the elite will let fall from their table.

Republicans don't accept this optimism. American ideals keep us ahead of other countries, such as China, which is riddled with a lack of democracy, human decency, education only for some, poor wages for most and a country overpowered with pollution. China is the direction millionaires and billionaires would take us. Look at the U.S. jobs shipped to China. Is that for the love of country? It's about the people.

Bill Mahaffey


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