Deep Well contribution list

info@islandpacket.comDecember 5, 2012 

Anonymous: $250, $200, $25

Robert H. Pape: $100

James C. McKenna: $50

Paul and Janette Gwinn: $50

Edward and June Arnold: $200

George and Martha Phillips: $100

Marcelle Lautensack: $10

A. Catherine Savage and Jess Bryant: $100

Patricia Moore: $200

Richard and Victoria Mayo: $50

Robert and Barbara O'Brien: $100

Raymond and Lois Angell: $100

William and Saundra Weagly: $200

Alice Bowlin: $100

John and P. Joyce Wilfore: $150

Frances Hubbell: $25

Bonnie and Dick Haroff: $100

Theodore and Caryn Snydal: $200

Karen Whitehead: $100

Larry and Jean Shaff: $100

Kent and Sallie Collins: $1,000

Frank and Stefanie Raiti: $10,000

Kathleen and Howard Metcalf: $250

Thomas and Lois Hagoort: $500

Thomas and Mary Jane Knight: $300

David and Virginia Rice: $300

Phyllis Napoli: $250

Walter Schymik: $1,000

Charles and Linda Eberly: $500

In Memory of Porter Thompson: $500

Larry and Martha Hazzard: $300

Providence Presbyterian Church: $375

Thomas and Genevieve Arnold: $250

Martha C. Worthy Charitable Fund: $1,000

Hilton Head Island Noon Lions Club: $500

Sherrie Sauer: $300

Utimate Frisbee Charity Gib-A-Way: $90

Total to date: $44,460

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