Movies holiday travelers should avoid

info@islandpacket.comDecember 2, 2012 

Ah, the holidays.

Everything's great -- the food, family, celebrations, traveling ... OK, maybe not traveling. After all, the airports are crowded. You have to sweat making your connections and hope that your luggage arrives at the same destination as you. But as rough as you think your travels might be, there are always those worse off.

Though this column usually provides information on great programs and services at your library, this week we're letting you know which movies to stay away from, at least until your holiday traveling is over.

The following videos are not for the faint-hearted traveler:


Ever feel that you're traveling with a bunch of thugs? Well, Cameron Poe does -- because he is. After getting out of prison, Cameron is looking forward to getting back home. When his fellow travelers (prisoners) decide to overtake the plane, he finds that not only may he not get home, but he might be hijacked back into his former life.


You think that passenger sitting next to you is obnoxious? Lisa has discovered that the seemingly charming man sitting next to her on the plane is trying to use her to eliminate a government official. His behavior goes from charming to harassing to outright terrorizing during their flight together. After watching this Wes Craven film, you will tend to view the person in the seat next to you with at least some suspicion.


If you thought toy poodles are the most obnoxious animal that can be on a plane, think again. Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) has the ultimate flying fun: turbulence and reptiles. Don't the airlines have regulations about pets? This movie is for viewers who like a lot of action with their traveling misery.


Losing one's luggage is one thing. Losing your child on a flight is a nightmare for any parent. But for Kyle Pratt, it's even worse. The airplane's crew won't even admit she had a daughter when she boarded the plane. Jodie Foster's performance as Kyle, moves from paranoia to reality as she fights not only to remember but rescue her daughter.


Even the president can't get decent travel arrangements in this Harrison Ford movie. Instead, he has to put up with disrespect, threats and kidnapping.

Because he's Harrison Ford he comes out all right -- and at least there weren't snakes on his plane.


The only film that parents might want to allow their young ones to see ... on the other hand it might give your minors ideas. Four children (actually, two children and two teens) are temporarily orphaned on Christmas Eve in the airport with a Scrooge for an airport manager. If you feel sorry for them, don't. By the time Christmas morning rolls around, they are in total control of the situation. They not only have found the spirit of the holidays but have impressed it on the management and any other adults in the vicinity.

OK, maybe this is the one film on the list you could risk watching before you travel.

Scott Strawn is the youth services coordinator at the Beaufort library.

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