Shopping sprees paean to Chinese capitalism

info@islandpacket.comDecember 2, 2012 

As a civic contribution, I have in earlier letters described the horrors of oppressed peoples living in decadent socialist states (specifically, New Zealand and Scotland).

Now that we are ourselves condemned to that status, with rampant socialism confirmed by the last election (the voters stole it), we must take a moment this holiday season to reflect upon the residual courage of the downtrodden American people.

Millions, in ardent protest, have taken up the pitiful pittance left to them by a ravenous all-consuming government, and in symbolic protest have dedicated it to that last bastion of divinely inspired capitalism, the People's Republic of China. What sacrifice. What nobility of spirit.

Others, like myself, betrayed these honorable sentiments and gave ourselves up to selfish pursuits like good food, good drink and the best of friends and going to the beach instead of to the mall. There's just no accounting for bad taste.

Larry Lepionka


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