Organizers shouldn't have given in to bullies

info@islandpacket.comDecember 1, 2012 

As long-time visitors to Hilton Head Island and now homeowners, we attended our first and apparently last marsh tacky race March 18.

We had visitors from out-of-town who, like us, thought it was one of the most fantastic events we had experienced with so many in attendance. It was clean, well-organized and there were no apparent crowd-control problems. We had invited more friends to come next year and enjoy it with us.

We were surprised and dismayed to learn upon returning that a few "disgruntled" people have caused this to be canceled. Shame on the bullies who have ruined an event that brought pleasure to thousands of people for an afternoon of good family fun and tradition. And shame on those who have given in to the bullies. Rules are rules. They are for everyone. Suppose we no longer had traffic laws because there are some who believe the rules don't apply to them, and we are bullied into allowing everyone to drive at any speed they want. Ridiculous, you say? Yet that is exactly what happened here.

I've no objection to having a second horse race where one and all can participate. I would welcome it, in fact. Let them organize another one. But the marsh tacky race was entwined with history and needed to be left as such. Shame, shame, shame for giving in to them.

Linda Tapp

Hilton Head Island

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