Recreation Results, Nov. 28

info@islandpacket.comNovember 28, 2012 


Callawassie Island

Results of tournament held Nov. 20; Format: 2 best balls of 4; 1. Sandy Knapp, Pat Murphy, Art Abrams, Bob Bailey; 2. (tie) Greg Wojcik, Jim Keasey, Ken Meyer, David Carney; Larry Archibald, Dave Cunningham, Robert Griffin, Bob Herkenham; 3. Keith Guise, Pat Libro, Steve Cortazzo, Robert Lyons; 4. Stew Butler, David Woodward, Griffin (blind), William Pereca; 5. Colin Ingham, Larry Speinicelli, David Denton, Thomas Gozdecki.

Results of tournament held Nov. 20; Format: 2 best balls of 4; 1. Bernie Bamford, Pete Tummillo, Paul Jones, Robert Boslet; 2. Don Noel, Cliff Dykes, Patrick Esposito, Dennis Brennan; 3. Jerry Hetzel, Robert Brown, Ryan Rector, Ralph Sens; 4. Dan Moller, Sam Yow, Bill Schultz, Dieter Boes; 5. James Arnholt, David Manzi, Michael Macgee, Ron Filak; 6. Bill Lehman, Dave Hildebrandt, John Friend, Terry Ash; Closest to the Pin -- J. Keasey.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of tournament held Nov. 21; Format: 2 best ball of 4; 1. Mike Flint, Mosses Grant, Art Leblanc, Charles Gobrecht; 2. Tom Young, Gene Cook, Jim Costa, Tom Foggo; 3. Wayne Saunder, Steve Tibey, Tom Briley, Jack Case; Closest to the Pin -- Howard Madsen, Floyd, Tom Briley, Roger Halpin.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held Nov. 20; 1. Sue Laxdal; 2. Ronnie Raddin and Reenee Nardi; Low Gross -- Kathy LaBonte; Chip-Ins -- Reenee Nardi, Margot Forbell, Becky Cederholm; Birdies -- Kathy LaBonte; Closest to the Pin -- Margot Forbell, Becky Cederholm, Kathy LaBonte, Reenee Nardi.

Results of men's tournament held Nov. 21 at the Cupp Course; Format: Best 1 of 3 Net; 1. Steve Fobes, Frank Sutera, Jim Williams; 2. Dick LaBonte, Gus Christ, Fred McNamee; 3. Rick Kasper, Tom Raddin, Bob Holben; 4. (tie) Roger Healey, Jim Webb, Tom Renshaw, Steve Laxdal, Patt Taylor, Roy Haynes; 6. Randall Sigmund, Ray McElhaney, Richard Miller; 7. Walt Cederholm, Rainer Kuenkel, George Salemi; Closest to the Pin -- Jim Williams, Roger Healey, Rainer Kuenkel, Jim Webb, Roger Healey.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's day tournament held Nov. 20; Format: Red, White, Silver; 1. Ernie Hannin, David Bullett, Bob Williams, Bob Wright; 2. John Carroll, Tod Powers, Laine Santa Maria, Ron Stovall; Closest to the Pin -- Jay Parks.

Results of LGA Ladies day tournament held Nov. 21; Format: Best 12 Holes; 1. Charlotte Timcoe and Joan Davis; 2. Mateja Johnson.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held Nov. 23; Format: Turkey Shoot; 1. Joe Steiner; Skins -- Bob Boldig, Harry Jewett, Joe Steiner.

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