Part-time residents should get placards

info@islandpacket.comNovember 28, 2012 

The Bluffton office of the state Department of Motor Vehicles is illogical and stubborn.

Having received the DMV mailing about the new photo ID handicap parking placard, I first phoned the state DMV toll-free number because I have an out-of-state driver's license. I was told to go to our local DMV office with my doctor's form to get a photo ID to apply for the new placard.

At the Bluffton DMV, I was told that I could not obtain a photo ID because I had an out-of-state driver's license, and I should not have received a South Carolina placard when I was first injured.

How ridiculous and illogical it is to state that anyone who is injured in South Carolina while a resident here for three, four or five months or more cannot get a South Carolina handicap placard, but has to obtain a placard from the state of his or her legal residence, which can be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Karl Barons

Sun City Hilton Head

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