Where's positive news along with negative?

info@islandpacket.comNovember 24, 2012 

Recently, I was at a dinner and the topic of "Island Packet-worthy" news was brought up, and a perfect example was discussed:

For the past 20 years, Tom Berenger, a world-famous actor, has chosen the Lowcountry to be his primary residence. This past year, the newspaper chose to print on the front page a personal litigation case he is involved in (a lawsuit against a local attorney, in which Berenger claims he was poorly represented in a personal matter). This story made headlines two or three times.

Our question was: Does everybody's personal business get front-page attention in the local paper? If not, why did his? This was a personal matter and not worthy of the front page.

A few months later, this same fine actor was awarded an Emmy for "Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries" for "Hatfields & McCoys." This news was written up in several national and international papers, and yet no mention of this was in our local paper.

I commend The Island Packet, or should I refer to you as the "Local Enquirer"?

Mary Coats

Hilton Head Island

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