Recreation Results and Tee Times, Nov. 18

info@islandpacket.comNovember 18, 2012 


Dataw Island

Results of tournament held Nov. 13; 1. Chris Huber, Ken Pepper, David Morris, Don Stovall; 2. Rich Sherman, Bob Kinder, Roy Clelland, Walter Lee; 3. John Ferguson, Bill Peterson, Don Fulford, Phil Freer; 4. Jim Burke, Larry lance, Alan Crowther, Al Sears; 4. (tie) Roy Walters, John Moses, Bob Anderson, Chuck Asselin, Ton SIlvestri, Paul Sweet, Rich Ringman, Marvin Day; 7. Ken Kohanski, Ron Converse, Ron Hubright, Jim Wynne; 8. Drew Schrader, Jim Morrisey, John Ballantyne; 9. (tie) Chuck Hinners, Norm Nichols, John Weaber, Ken O'Brien, Lou Body, Dave Grady, Bob Carter, Terry Thomas; Ladies Division -- 1. Marlene Terpin, Jennifer Parker, Peggy Hubright; 2. Lucy Longwell, Linda Muehl, Carol Luzzi, Barbara Kyne; 3. Lynne Van Etten, Ashleight Swadon, Celeste Nalwasky, Marianne Beck; 4. Bud Huber, Pam Didier, Sue Kinder, MT O'Brien; 5. Frances Matthews, Sheila Sears, Wanda Elmore, Cindy Schafer; Closest to the Pin -- Bob Hopkins, Tom Brady, Marlene Terpin, Dutchy Lewis.

Dolphin Head

Results of Nifty Niners tournament held Nov. 14; Format: Throw out 2 holes; 1. (tie) Arlene Jenkinson, Sue Aymond, Patti Peacock, Patti Gilchrist; 5. Mary Kenneck.

Fripp Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held Nov. 12; Format: Team 2 Best Ball; 1. Bob Bicknell, Bernie Perkins, Mel Volmert and John Dunphy; 2. Joe Wetzel, Wayne Kemmerer, Jim Click and Charlie Richman; 3. Ben Hays, Gerry Burke, Gary Bond and Perminder Bindra.

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held Nov. 13; 1. Linda Ashby, Zan Dukes and Dana Whittle; 2. Ann Warner, Rita Michals, Gen LaPolla and Peg Kemmerer.

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

Results of Men's day held Nov. 14; Format: 2 best ball of 4/Nassau; Front 9: 1. Tom Young, Jim Henson, John Kern, Tom Briley; Back 9: 1. Tom Young, Jim Henson, John Kern, Tom Briley; Overall: 1. Tom Young, Jim Henson, John Kern, Tom Briley; 2. Don Creamer, Marv Lich, Roger Halpin, Greg Gillen; Closest to the Pin -- Jim Delmore, Tom Young, Vinny DiCanio, Jim Kelly.

Moss Creek

Results of tournament held Nov. 10-11; Format: Four-Ball Match Around; Overall Champions - Russ Reynolds, Paul Kruzelock; Flight 1 -- Russ Reynolds, Paul Kruzelock; Runner-Ups: Mike Wirtzberger, Rick Bates; Flight 2 -- Bill Smith, Bill Cummins; Runner-Ups: Stu Brown, Herb Sawyer; Flight 3 -- Rich Geary, Tom Andreas; Runner-Ups: Iue Cho, Ted Patnaude; Flight 4 -- Rich Sandquist, Jim Vogel; Runner-Ups: Charlie Waller, Hal Bell; Flight 5 -- Peter Joseph, Russ Piccioni; Runner-Ups: Gerard Gardner, Jeff McCandless; Flight 6 -- Rich Ulrich, Hank Hayman ; Runner-Ups: Don Reynolds, George Barnes.

Results of Men's day held Nov. 13; Format: 1 of 2; Flight 1 -- 1. L. Richardson, R. Piccioni; 2. R. Reynolds, T. Gibbon; Flight 2 -- 1. J. Vogel, H. Bell; 2. P. Kruzelock, T. Patnaude; Flight 3 -- 1. G. Grindrod, J. Morris; 2. N. Argast.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Veterans Day Mixed Tournament held Nov. 10; Format: Step-Aside Scramble; 1. Jerry Wells, JoAnn Bauer, Mike and Kathy Burnce; 2. Jay and Mary Ellen Parks, Jerry Hankins, Jessie Gerlach; 3. Don and Merla Kelsey, Bob Wright, Bill Smith; Closest to the Pin -- Diane Doherty, Bill Shipe; Pot-O-Gold Winners -- JoAnn Bauer, Terry Boyer, Diane Doherty, Charlie Durkee, Dave Miller, Frank Pinto, Bill Shipe, Charlotte and Dick Timcoe.

Results of MGA Men's Day held Nov. 13; Format: Shamble; 1. Dick Timcoe, Tod Powers, Ron Stovall, Len Marino; 2. Frank Pinto, Al Harris, Ed Varcho, Bob Wright; Closest to the Pin -- Laine Santa Maria.

Results of LGA Ladies' Day topurnament held Nov. 14; Format: Partners Best 9 Holes; 1. (tie) Jeanne Scott and Charlotte Timcoe; Terry Boyer and Ann Morgan; Closest to the Pin -- Ann Morgan.

Sea Pines Country Club

Results of Ladies day tournament held Nov. 13; Fromat: 2 better ball of 4; 1. Deb Gillette, Mary Jo Cairo, Betsy Stavnitski, Mary Helen Edwards (blind draw); 2. Mary Hurley, Kathy Tortorella, Joan Valesente, Cathy Hinchey (blind draw); 3. Trisha Rapp, Suzie Gardner, Jane Sterne, Sandy Higgins.


Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Today, at Oldfield GC (Okatie)

12:00 -- A. Orischak; J. Phillips; E. Johnson; C. O'Donnell; 12:10 -- B. Moody; G. Lindstrom; E. Reier; 12:20 -- C. Mancill; C. McKinley; B. Fick; 12:30 -- D. Azallion; T. Mancill; J. Tobin; M. Langs; 12:40 -- K. Thorne; J. Hubbard

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