Election result shows money not only factor

info@islandpacket.comNovember 14, 2012 

As the words of the popular Roy Orbison song said, "It's over."

I am, of course, referring to the presidential election and the 17 months we have had to endure while the two political parties insulted, abused and ridiculed each other. The cost for this display of poor taste and poor judgment was a cool $1.6 billion. The result is a government much the same as it was 17 months ago. Who lost the most in terms of political investment? The super PACs who spent more than a billion bucks in 2012 with no serious change in the situation.

Now we are being subjected to analysis of what went right and what went wrong. This will continue well into the New Year when -- wait for it -- the whole process will start again for the 2014 congressional elections.

I am sure that many readers feel the way I do when I say, this money could have been put to better use. I guess the bright side is that if nothing else, the result shows that money cannot buy an election for any political party, but good organization certainly helps. The Democrats won the presidential election because it had the ability to get the vote out in all the key states, an old technique that goes back a very long time.

Geoff Wheatley

Hilton Head Island

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