Celebrities should stop mangling our anthem

info@islandpacket.comNovember 5, 2012 

I have witnessed dozens of mutilated versions of our national anthem at sporting events, and the opening game of the World Series was no exception. A disinterested out-of-tune rendition was mumbled by a guitar-strumming purported winner of "American Idol," adding to the lowered standards by which music is judged.

If the anthem must be rendered at the onset of an athletic event, we'd be far better off with an orchestral recording the way it was meant to be played rather than have some quasi-celebrity desecrate it.

I can't help but recall the observation that is ever so true: "When the cultural sun is low on the horizon, even a dwarf casts a long shadow." If this individual was a "winner," I'm glad I didn't get to hear the losers.

Bob Alberti

Sun City Hilton Head

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