Romney would pull us back into old traps

info@islandpacket.comNovember 4, 2012 

Who is Mitt Romney fooling? Apparently, quite a few people.

While it is true that things are financially tough for some people, that is no excuse to completely lose perspective about how bad things were but a few years ago and how bad things could be if the economic crisis was not managed with a steady hand. People can be so myopic, and that is just what Romney is depending on for support.

The very people who advised former President George W. Bush during the time he spent us into a black hole are now working as advisors for Romney. This is unbelievable.

It is true I am disappointed that President Barack Obama does not show more support for Israel. That is something I hope will change.

I do believe he is our best hope to lead this country.

I have no doubt that no matter what Romney says, bottom line, we will end up getting Republican politics as usual. That means this country will put the needs and concerns of big business over people every time.

I sincerely believe that part of what drives the hatred for our president is racism, pure and simple.

Jan Kasmir

Hilton Head Island

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