Religion, politics can coexist in our civic lives

info@islandpacket.comNovember 4, 2012 

Only a few days before the election, and some people are still undecided. Some are not comfortable voting for either candidate based on their religious affiliations. Although politics and religion are topics that invoke controversy, they can be compatible.

If we acknowledge the Bible helped frame our Constitution and guided our founding fathers, then we must consider its impact on our voting decision. The Bible pertains to all of life, which includes: civil government; absolute moral standards; social and economic issues; taxation; national defense, and how nations respond to the sovereignty of God.

The Bible refers to governments, kings, historical events, how nations will be judged, and God's plan to bring salvation to mankind. Jesus' controversial ministry was at the center of political life in Judea as he dealt with religious, social, and political arguments.

Religion and politics are so intertwined that they're inseparable. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are based on the Bible and the precept that our liberty comes from God, not government. Our democracy, under God, gives us deliverance from tyranny, and Jesus gives us deliverance from sin.

President John Adams said, "The hope of a Christian is inseparable from his faith."

Politics and religion can be compatible when viewed from a biblical perspective. Let's trust that our national policies reflect the hope of John Adams. The Democratic Party chose to exclude God from their party convention this year and have waged war against Christian beliefs on several occasions. Let's hope we get it right this election.

Barbara Morrone


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