Romney's history paints bad picture for America

info@islandpacket.comNovember 4, 2012 

Voters, do America a favor. Confirm that your assessment of Mitt Romney is accurate. Invest time using these Internet search parameters:

  • Romney and Italian phone directories, Romney's tax-free venture.

  • Romney and Massachusetts 'no tax increases'? Romney raised $500 million in new revenue during his first year in office proposing 33 new fees and increasing 57 existing fees. Result: higher costs for birth certificates, new car purchases, driver's learning permits, firearms permits, professional licenses, and billboards advertising, including $50 fee for tuberculosis tests and blindness certification. Mitt's friendly "bipartisanship relationship" with the Massachusetts legislature resulted in 844 vetoes. A record 3.5 percent of the population left Massachusetts seeking employment elsewhere.

  • Romney and "Personhood" Huckabee interview.

  • Romney and Dade-Behring. Puerto Rican employees who relocated to Miami to save their jobs were laid off within months of relocating.

  • Romney and Delphi. Ann Romney's trust ballooned from the auto industry bailout.

  • Romney and Paul "The Vulture" Singer dubious business partnership (Delphi).

  • Romney and Jeep. Chrysler labels Romney's "China Ad" totally dishonest.

  • Romney and FEMA. He said it was "immoral" to waste money helping Americans during national disasters. He'd rather private companies make "profitable rescues."

  • Romney's tax avoidance-taxpayer-funded wealth accumulation.

    If you ignore this man's documented history, America suffers the consequences. Romney has engineered enormous personal financial windfalls, over three decades and at the expense hard-working Americans. The remedy for our economy? He has proved he's not our savior; he's one of the looters.

    Sherry McKnight


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