Give readers facts, not flawed analysis

info@islandpacket.comNovember 4, 2012 

We revere the newspaper because it presents and records our daily lives.

Your Oct. 28 front-page lead "story" must be one of the most blatant presidential endorsements ever presented as "news."

As "news," it was a sly, highly distorted smear of President Barack Obama, while presenting as nearly perfect the able but just as flawed Mitt Romney.

News would include the validated distortion of reality by both parties; one must admit Republicans are better at it. Canada resolved huge deficits for huge surpluses, only by leaders putting country before political party; Republicans admit focus on Obama's defeat rather than country.

Medicare facts are news: Insurance firms admit they and the non-affluent will gain huge financial benefits.

News: The International Monetary Fund "Projects US the world's strongest economy of rich countries (under Obama)."

News: Without government regulations, U.S. corporate greed will continue to glut and erode the planet, rather than the U.S. leading a planet rescue for all of us.

The attention by world thinkers is drawn to our national decline by one-party domination and a blaming opposition in local and national government. The results are hidden corruption and self-serving government. China is another example, and 1939 Germany is another.

We want continued pride in our newspaper rather than shame.

Robert Newton


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