Cowardly note amuses this Obama supporter

info@islandpacket.comNovember 4, 2012 

To the person who left a typewritten note under my windshield wiper of my 7-year-old BMW 350 convertible:

No, my car has not been vandalized. I put all those 'I love Obama" stickers on it, including the faded ones from five years ago -- yes, five years ago -- and the "I love Obamacare" stickers from this year. No, I don't feel silly driving such a well decorated car, nor do I feel scared when I park my car next to a great big SUV with Romney stickers on it. But I do think it's funny that you should feel so threatened that you have to type anonymous notes, keep a supply in your car and then skulk around parking lots waiting for Obama cars to turn up.

It appears that when offending car is spotted and the owner is out of sight, you leap out of hiding and leave your note. Where is your courage? Where is the conviction of your principles? I am very happy to debate you.

And I am also very happy to remind you to keep your wimpy little fingers off my property, you sad little person. I'm still laughing.

Anna Malkin

Hilton Head Island

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