Liberal press burying news to help Obama

info@islandpacket.comNovember 3, 2012 

Congratulations for burying the story about the Obama administration receiving e-mails about a possible al-Qaida link with the Libya travesty two hours after it started.

You managed to put an article about some Republican candidate sticking his foot in his mouth over the abortion issue on the front page but stuck the Libya story on Page 8. Guess the facts as written in multiple e-mails clearly showing the Obama administration knew terrorists were attacking the Benghazi consulate, and not some ragtag mob, are not important enough to put on the front page.

Even worse, military assets within a one-hour flight could have fired on the terrorists and maybe saved the four Americans during a multi-hour attack.

Why is the story buried in the back pages when there is an obvious cover-up of this administration's incompetence going on? Just another example of the liberal press doing everything it can to assist President Barack Obama in getting re-elected Nov. 6. No wonder so many newspapers everywhere are bleeding red ink. They have no credibility anymore.

Mike Lewis

Harbor Island

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