Obama energy policies wrong for America

info@islandpacket.comOctober 31, 2012 

The Obama administration has been responsible for closing more than 100 American coal-fired electric plants. Furthermore, if President Barack Obama is re-elected, nearly 200 more could close in the next the next two years.

Since nearly three-fifths of America's power generation is based on coal, it would be a devastating blow to the national grid, the American economy and jobs.

As far back as his 2008 campaign, Obama has admitted he opposed coal, contradicting his comment at his recent debate with Mitt Romney that he is a friend of clean coal.

Obama stated in 2008 that anyone who attempts to start a new coal-fired plant would end up in bankruptcy.

Obama is a very strong proponent of clean energy, such as wind and solar. However, more than a few energy experts have stated that, at best, America can generate no more than 10 percent of our energy needs with this so-called clean energy. Obama, is focusing his efforts on the 10 percent and ignoring the other 90 percent.

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Michael Hymanson


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