Election shows need for new term limits

info@islandpacket.comOctober 31, 2012 

Now that the election is upon us, we can take time to reflect on the lunacy of what we have seen over the past many months.

The two campaigns have spent almost a billion dollars trying to get our votes. They have been campaigning for about 18 months, the last nine months non-stop.

President Barack Obama goes on a campaign visit to Denver, while our consulate in Benghazi burns and goes on national daytime TV rather than meeting with his Israeli counterpart who is in New York for a United Nations meeting.

The president is spending his time on the road trying to get re-elected rather than staying in Washington doing the job that some of you elected him to do. He is not the first president to spend his fourth year in office campaigning, and unfortunately won't be the last.

I think it's time to consider term limits for all elected officials, starting with the president. How about a six-year term, no chance for a second run? Spend all six years doing the job you were elected for, work your agenda hard for six years, spend your time in Washington working with the other elected officials (they should also only get one term) trying to solve the major issues that face us.

I don't think we can afford to continue having our president take six months to find the White House men's room and 18 months campaigning. We deserve more than 24 months of work.

Bob Albon

St. Helena Island

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